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Working in both Windows and Mac

kib647kib647 Posts: 9Member

I read where a project could be worked on going back and forth in Windows and Mac. I been using Mac but have a lap top with Windows which would be nice to take the work I've done on my Mac and work on it on my laptop with Windows but I'm getting a message that the version of Creator I download for Windows off the GS webiste is an older version and will not open the Mac project.
Is there a version to download that this will work on both?


  • kib647kib647 Posts: 9Member

    Is there an answer out there????

  • jigglybeanjigglybean Posts: 1,584Member

    The windows version is way behind the Mac. If you go between the two right now, you will end up running in to problems within your game. I did this, and then used mac version to publish and the features required in 0.11.x didnt work.

    If you are moving from a Windows 10.4.1 to Mac,then it should be fine. So far I havent had any issues

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