game center not submitted for review

Hi everyone, advise needed. Appreciate.

I just submitted my first app with game center function a week ago and was rejected because i did not submit my leaderboard for review. The submission feedback as stated:

We found that your application is using Game Center Leaderboard, however, you have not yet submitted the Leaderboard for review. It would be appropriate to submit the Game Center Leaderboard for review.

While your iTunes Connect Application State shows as Rejected, we don't require a new binary to address this issue. Please visit iTunes Connect, Manage Your Applications, then select your app and click on Manage Game Center to complete the Leaderboard setup or to remove it. When you are finished, please reply to this message and we will proceed with your review.

IMPORTANT: After making the necessary changes to your metadata and clicking the "Save" button at the bottom of the page, do NOT click "Ready to Upload Binary" unless you plan to submit a new binary. If you click the "Ready to Upload Binary" button, a new binary upload will be required.

I have check and enable all the necessary for game center under game center and also under app details. I realise under the app details there is an edit tab which i click to submit leaderboard, I tick all the checkbox and save. After doing so nothing changes on the list though. Did i miss anything?

Current app status "In review" for the last 20 hours already.


  • Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Member Posts: 2,343

    After you ticked enable Game Center. You have to click the leaderboard and there is a check box for that as we'll....basically saying use this leaderboard. If you did that...submitted metadata changes and have been under review for 20 hours I'm betting it's all good...just wait. They also...maybe having issues with reviews. I have an app that has now been under review...not waitin for review...for 3 days. I even received an email stating they need additional time to review my app. Patience friend...

  • FuNaticWorksFuNaticWorks Member, PRO Posts: 7

    hope so. thanks bro.. just thought i might be missing something..

  • FuNaticWorksFuNaticWorks Member, PRO Posts: 7

    its rejected! I must be missing something.. stated the same reason that i need to submit my leaderboard for review. status "Metadata rejected". any advise??

  • FuNaticWorksFuNaticWorks Member, PRO Posts: 7

    ok i got the issue resolve. so the problem arise from the "leaderboard set". its either i did not set correctly or GS don't support leaderboard set. this cause me unable to submit the leaderboard for review. after i remove the leaderboard set and all is good..

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