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Space movement/Grid Movement

Hi everyone,

I just started to learn Gamesalad, following some tutorials on different sites and now I am trying to create one simple puzzle game like. I can't manage to create a grid movement. I noticed there are some tutorials on the Gamesalad website but I can't watch them since I am on Windows and the browsers like FireFox or Chrome doesn't support Gamesalad pluggin.
For the game I am trying to make the player needs to move different blocks which has different sizes. So when the object moves needs to occupy a space by his size.
So if the object size is 90H/90W , when press DOWN move DOWN 90H/90W. As I said I am new so I can't explain better. Hope you guys understand. Any help is really appreciated.


  • tatiangtatiang Posts: 11,766Member, Sous Chef, PRO, Senior Sous-Chef
    edited June 2014

    Well, moving an actor the distance equal to its size is fairly simple:

    If [some condition] MoveTo x=0 y=-1*self.Size.Height

    Make sure to set it Relative to Actor

    Similarly, to move an actor to the right the distance of its width:

    If [some condition] MoveTo x=self.Size.Width y=0

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  • MrDevoMrDevo Posts: 2Member

    Thank you very much man! Worked like a charm! I really had difficulties understanding the position of objects and their movement on the screen but now I understood better. You gave me those and I've done the others two so, yea, I understood. Thank you!

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