Scene Resetting on iPad

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On a certain scene in my game, the scene keeps resetting itself every 15 seconds when I test it on my iPad. There is no script that resets the scene or that changes the scene to the same one. When I test it on the computer preview, it does not happen. It only resets on the iPad, both in the GS Viewer app and when I publish it and put it on there as its own app.

Any suggestions?


  • strykingdistancegamesstrykingdistancegames Member Posts: 14
    Also, sometimes certain sound effects loop even into the next scene and the loop box isn't checked. Sometimes it goes away and then comes back again when I go back to the first scene and starts looping, even if the actor that makes the sound does not yet exist on the scene.
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    Can you please zip the project and send it to codemonkey (at) gendaigames (dot) com?
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