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A Special Thanks...

WbokoWboko Tennessee, USAPosts: 621Member, PRO

I just wanted to say thank you for all your support in the GS family and as a thank you we are rebuilding "Wboko" and will also start to provide more positive support here in the GS Community. I was like many, and really frustrated with the advancements of GS, but with 11.0.13 we have been able to start some really outstanding games and provide super tools to work with.

And a special thanks goes out to @CodeWizard‌, @StormyStudio‌, @TheGabfather‌, @DeepBlueApps, @Socks, @jonmulcahy, @Braydon_SFX, @jamie_c, @Tatiang, @gyroscope, @LumpApps, @tenrdrmer, @The_Gamesalad_Guru, and others for their continued support and updates!

Thank you all!!!


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