Rejected app

My app was rejected a few days ago and their reasoning was that the Start button wasn't responding. It works fine in GS and on the provisioned iPad (BTW, the GS viewer app won't play sound unless the headphones are plugged in).

Googling the issues didn't provide anything, so I thought I'd post here to perhaps shed some light on the problem. Here's a shot of the actor properties.


  • SmaggySmaggy Member, PRO Posts: 17

    Oh, well. After about a week of searching and finding no answers, I'm deleting the game, breaking down the pieces and rebuilding in Xcode like I should have in the first place. At least there I can trace the problem to its source.

  • jigglybeanjigglybean Member Posts: 1,584

    Did you test it on an apple device? Im new to the Mac and Ive noticed strange behaviour like ticking a box to make my game landscape (first scene) whilst all the others are portrait.

    Did you check your rule (when touch is pressed etc)

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  • SmaggySmaggy Member, PRO Posts: 17

    Yes. Like I said, I tested it on a provisioned iPad and the game works fine (all buttons respond when touched). It works just as fine as it does on the simulator. I asked Apple about it and they said they tested it on both iPads and iPhones and could not get the game to respond.

  • freneticzfreneticz SwedenMember, PRO Posts: 722
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