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A lot of FREE Templates by

-Timo--Timo- Posts: 2,313Member
edited July 2014 in Community Tutorials

Hello all,

you probably all know of the existence of but I just wanted to point out all the awesome (in my opinion) free templates. we recently added a lot of more free templates.
All template [currently 33] are created by me and @CodeMonster‌
when a new one is added we update this thread to let you know.

Please don't go off topic!!

here is a list of all of them.

Jump Chump

simplified Joystick

Super Ball Juggling

Draw A Line

Menu System [No Load]

Particles [for movement]

Realistic Car Movement

Zoom in and out + dragging

Camera Control

Circle Movement

Top 10 HighScores

Health Bar

Text Lock

Number Lock

Pattern Lock

Turn button on/off [Music][Music].html

Rate PopUp button

Single/Double Tapping

Auto Shooting

Cookie Tapper

Count Down Timer

Cannon Physics

Endless Ninja Wall Climber

Endless Square Drop

Endless 2D sidescroller

Endless Doodle Jump

Endless Subway Surfers

Cookie Clickers

Endless Scrolling

In App Purchases

Snake [Original]

Snake 2 [Smooth][Smooth].html


Please Enjoy!! :)



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