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[I WIll Pay] I need help with making an actor follow/animate.

Hipster_Owl_StudiosHipster_Owl_Studios Posts: 214Member, PRO

I need help with making an actor follow/animate relative to the direction my main actor is moving. its a top view game and i need my enemy actor to follow my main actor and make the (facing right, facing left animation, moving up animation and moving downward animation). i need an attribute that also allows the speed to be adjusted I dont want my enemy actor to move at a fixed speed. I'm willing to pay i hope someone is up to the task as far as payment goes I dont if we use paypal (i prefer). and if i like the work that's given to me I'll definitely reach out to you first for future projects. I'm not really on here much so please replay to [email protected] so we may discuss any other questions and details.

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