15000+ Gaming Art-Work For Free

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There are Tons of Free Assets (Actors,BackGrounds,UIs) only for Making Games @ [link removed]


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    What's scary is that the art has no licensing terms with it. Furthermore, you're offering free template to anyone who uploads art, but the uploaded art is not required to be royalty free... so if I upload art (I retain all rights), presumably it goes up on the site for others to use... others find the art and assume it's royalty free, but then when they publish their game I sue them and say they used my art without my permission.

    Very concerning...

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    You Can upload a License File ( Text File ) with it if You Want. And Many Art Found in KPORE.com are Creative Common images Giving You Rights To Edit and Distribute the Content. Some People upload their Art with License File ( most Cases : Credit must be Given)

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    Sorry guys. Selling third party templates is not allowed.

    I'm closing and sinking this one.

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