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GS capability question

Hi, i'm making a game stat tracker app that tracks w/l ratio (and more) of a specific game and i'm trying to decide if GS would be a good program to create it on. For this to work, the app would have to be able to save data to the phone so that the stats are not reset every time the app is restarted. I'm not asking for a tutorial, i'm just trying to understand if Gamesalad is capable of doing this sort of thing.

I already have all of the artwork ready to be put together. I'm more of a designer vs a coder, thus, i'm familiar with visually-based drag and drop game creator programs, so I am confident I will easily adapt to GS. I really just need to know if this program is my best option. The app is really for personal use, but I wouldn't mind making some money off of it to cover the ios developer cost.

Any answers are greatly appreciated.


  • quantumsheepquantumsheep Posts: 8,188Member

    Yep, you can load and save variables just fine using the 'Load attribute' and 'save attribute' behaviours.

    Essentially you add the save behaviour where you want it, and typically add the 'load' behaviour on the title screen so that it loads in the value straight away.

    Alternatively you could save an attribute by changing cell values in a table. Then save the table.

    No need then to manually 'load' the table as GS loads tables automatically at start up.

    Hope that helps,

    QS =D

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  • LazybonezLazybonez Posts: 9Member


    Thank you very much for the quick and thorough response. Yes, that's exactly what I needed to know :D

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