Trouble with touch buttons with touch and release

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I'm having issues with multi-touch, sometimes when I lift my finger off the button, it doesn't always release, and it will continue, for example, to have the player move left, or right, and I have to "retouch" and "re-release", anyone having similar problems?

Is there some way to create the buttons a certain size, or in programming that can make it almost error proof? This seems to happen quite a bit.

The size of the buttons on my screen are all 50X50 at the moment


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    "Released: Meaning you untouched the screen and it ended over the actor and it was previously pressed."

    Released only happens when you have touch(pressed) the actor and stopped touching when you are still over the actor.

    Although what you can do is with the Otherwise, if you touch(pressed) the actor it will log it as pressed until you lift your finger no matter where that touch is.

    Rule: If touch(pressed)
    --Display Text: Pressed
    --Display Text: Unpressed

    It will display Unpressed until you touch(pressed) the actor. And will go back to 'Unpressed' whenever that touch is let go.
    And actually that should help me with the 2 joystick control.
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