Gendai - Lose the ".gsuser" file crap, now!

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It is a nightmare and a likely cause of pauses and possibly memory leaks. Something is not parsing correct and it may be leading to corruption of the actor/scene XML files.


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    I knew I remembered reading about another's issues with this stuff:

    I lost half my scenes and edits to the last actor I edited. I had to delete most of the content in my "gsuser" file, load the project, save, and re-load again just so I could edit the remaining actors/scenes. Before I did all that, I couldn't open any of them after the corruption incident.

    Please FIX!
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    Yay. Four hours later and I'm now recovered and back to where I was. Really kills the "developer's high".
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    Ouch! :(

    I'm so paranoid about this happening I save literally every two minutes. And if a new feature goes in, I save it a something else (AOTK_1_1, then AOTK_1_2 for example).

    It's a good habit to get into!

    QS :D

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

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    "Backup" and "restart" are two things I do indeed do. Looking at my backups, I go 17 deep and have about three spin-off files too in case I want to revert to some of the differences that are in those three.

    So, here is the kicker. I was editing my main file and had its most recent backup open as well for reference. I had about 5 minutes of change in the main file. I was looking at one of the other actors in the backup file while I edited a similar actor in the main file. A minutes or so later, I found an error in the main that was also in the backup. I made the *minor* change and one movement of a rule to both and saved both. Being at about 10 minutes, I then closed GS and re-opened each. Bam. They were both screwed up in the same way. The next backup file I had did not contain about four hours of the previous night's work in it (since the most recent backup file did).

    Kind of stupid we need to keep backups of backups or that a minor change can cause such BS in GS.
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    Sad i know but that's why the software is in beta - I too like quantum made extremely regular backups better to be safe than sorry!

    Never trust beta software or a Thai lady offering services for 1 dollar! :-)
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    Speaking of backups, has anybody tried using Cornerstone or Versions with GS? I rarely not use Subversion on the Windows side but I never thought about it here and it sounds like it could be a good practice to take up.

    @JC Ford: LOL! at your last sentence...
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    Time Machine ftw

    where is the .gsuser file?
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    It is in the .gameproj package. It gets big and ugly. It may (or may not) be part of the slowdown issue and possibly part of things getting jumbled in our actors/scenes when it is not parsed correctly (although it could be the parsing of the actors/scenes in the editor that could be causing the corruption too).

    The intermittent "Otherwise" rule clause (mainly those that are nested in other rules and/or timers) not working may be related to some of this too.
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