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We spend a lot of time with customer support for GS users in general and not just DBA customers, often for free and sometimes without thanks so it warms the heart when you get an email like the one below.

Natalie, thanks for sharing your story with the community.

Darren & Wayne.

I am so grateful to Deep Blue Apps, for their incredible templates and incredible support. It has been such a blessing to win their competition.

This has an incredible impact on my life and the lives of many.
A few years ago I had the idea to build a app to educate children the environment and animals. I had written and illustrated a whole series of eco children’s stories while I was recovering from a broken leg.

Even though, my husband is a a programmer he was only able to support my endeavour at a limited level.
At the time, he had a major accident that put him into a wheelchair for 6 months. It was fortunate that he kept his leg and is walking again!

With many obstacles, I found a way to develop my apps so that it required little programming skills. With a Google search, I found Gamesalad.
Fortunately, while looking at the forums, I discovered Deep Blue Apps.

Through trail and error and support from Deep Blue Apps, I was able to get my first app with Apple. It was approved after two weeks of development!

Over the years, the templates have been an integral part of my apps. Each app, I have has at least 5-6 templates of games and activities to create a whole educational experience.
As a relief teacher, I test my eco children’s and mood tool box apps with hundreds of children weekly and they assist greatly with the development.

I have also developed a Boy and Girl game that educates pregnant women as well as entertaining them with most templates from Deep Blue Apps. This has helped us to survive and eat when times have been tough!

Now thousands of apps are downloaded weekly and they are touching the lives of many people. Big organisations are coming abroad to promote them as affiliates. Income in the future will help children in need and support organisations that care for animals.

My deepest gratitude to Deep Blue Apps. Sometimes, we may never know the impact that we have on others! I just hope that you do know that your work has not only touched my family and I, but will also help a starving child or a animal that is endangered around the world.

Natalie Clarke
Life Cleansing

PS: This can be post can be found on my website under heartfelt thanks.


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