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Mobile Networks like Machinima

I've been making games for about a year and my revenue as been terrible. I started with paid apps then I went to iAd and chartboost and still nothing good. I was wondering if there was a network thing like Machinima for the App Store. If you don't know Machinima is network for youtube that partners with youtubers and people that are a part of Machinima get paid for example per 1000 views on there video. Is there anything like this for the App Store? Like paid per 100 installs or something like that?


  • HopscotchHopscotch Posts: 2,782Member, PRO
    edited July 2014

    @Basement Studios‌ , sure, it is called iAD Workbench. Can be set up in iTunes Connect :)

    I do know what you are referring to, and there are numerous shady options. You just risk getting your developer account closed down by apple.

    Some of the sites which work on a "I'll rate yours if you rate mine" principle are also dicey. Apple's filters get smarter each day.

    What is needed is a real community driven network where a developer can announce a new game, the other subscribers get informed and mobilized to download the game. You just need about 2000 download plus some good ratings during the first 3 days to get a viable ranking on the app store.

    Note that incentivised installs are usually against the TOS of the various app stores.

    The missing key is how to motivate developers to download the new app of a fellow developer. If anyone has ideas, I would be prepared to set up the infrastructure.

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