Is it usual to wait over a week for review?

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Is it usual for apple to take over a week to test a update for an app? It's been around 8 days since I sent of my binary and it still says "waiting for review"? I've noticed normally they take 6 days so is it normal or may there be an issue with their servers?


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    Nope this is normal. Reviews tend to take between 5 to 10 days. They have long lunch breaks. :#

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    Hi @AdnanH One of my apps took over 2 weeks ... I wouldn't fret, just try to put it out of your mind until it's cleared, I'd say... :smile:

    P.S I think times for review are getting longer and longer, more apps per day/week being submitted in an upward curve...

    Edit: @gingagaming beat me to it... and I by far prefer his explanation...

    @gingagaming said:
    They have long lunch breaks. :#

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    Oh right thanks for that guys:) just waiting on it as I want to finally see if my ads are working then I can release my latest game with ads and try to make some money:P I guess waiting is the only thing I can do in all honesty apart from ask you guys;-) anyways as this has been cleared can someone delete the thread or send it into a archive folder or something?:)

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