Developer's Roundtable - Helping each other with downloads

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Hi all,

@Basement_Studios‌ and I have been toying with the following idea -

could there be enough camaraderie among the GS developers to make a developer's roundtable feasible?

To gain traction upon the release of a new game is hard but not impossible. A few hundred downloads per day and some positive ratings, over the first three days after release, is enough to give a decent game a sporting chance on the app stores.

Considering that we are all at this juncture at some point in time, would it not be cool if fellow developers jump in and support the birth of a new app? Supporting with downloads, and if they feel it is reasonable, to include some social sharing.

For this purpose we have launched a free blog/platform on which you can now promote your games and hopefully subscribe to, to be informed of new games in need of your support.

Follow the 3rd link in my signature if you are interested. Twitter is gaining followers fast, but we need some apps on the front page (other than my own ;-) ), so please submit your apps.

I believe this can work if we rally together and I would love to see some more GS developers topping the app store charts!



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