I will design your images for FREE


As a side occupation of game development, I'd like to freelance as a graphic designer to bring some income. In order to do that, I need a portfolio, and anyone that tried to freelance on internet knows how it can be hard to find projects without any portfolio.

So I got inspired by a thread I saw a while back : I'll design any image you want for free that you can use in your games. If you like it, you keep it. If you don't like it, you don't. I have been doing illustrated arts since I was a kid. Lately, I got into design (made t-shirt design before I started looking into apps) more seriously. I work mainly with photoshop and illustrator.

It can be anything but I'll design one image per person, as I'm not looking to design entire games for free (If you are interested though by the work I'll put on the table and are looking for a designer for your games, feel free to PM me. I'd rather design medium to large projects than simple business logos for 20$).

In order to help me make you the best design I can deliver, you would be kind to specify what you want precisely :

  • The illustration (obviously)
  • The style of design (cartoonish, realist, comic-book like, pixel art, etc.)
  • The purpose of the image (background, sprite, hero, ennemy, platform)
  • The size of the image ( considering Retina display, tell me the size of the image you want, not what you want it to appear on screen)

I will be waiting for requests. Cheers!


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