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Any idea why I get all these errors when I try to Prep my device to use Gameviwer?

bij_sbij_s Member Posts: 23

I have shown the link below:


  • 3DMA3DMA Member, PRO Posts: 162
    edited July 2014

    did you change anything within the project? Filestructure or moved any content?
    If you click on one of those errors, you can see on the right side the code that actually HAS the error, take a ScreenShot of it and we can tell more ;-)

  • bij_sbij_s Member Posts: 23

    Sure. Please review the image.
    I am able to preview the game in the GameSalad Creator and play with it. I am able to successfully download the zip file of the game from the Publish section of the Gamesalad Website. But when I try to open to Gamesalad Viewer and do "clean" "build" it gives me all the errors.

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