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Do I need a development certificate or a production certificate for a video game?

The cookbook says we need a development certificate for publishing a game:

The video here says we need a production certificate for publishing a game:

Which one do we need?


  • BasGoodboyBasGoodboy Member, PRO Posts: 310
    edited July 2014

    You need to buy the iOS developer program on the developer site of Apple to develop for iphone and ipad. Cost is 80 euro each year.

    Then honestly you need to buy a GameSalad pro account also if you want to publish safely. With the free account of GameSalad you can publish, but your app will probably be refused by Apple because GameSalad free membership publishing includes advertising for other apps then your own which is not allowed anymore by Apple.

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  • Thunder_ChildThunder_Child Member Posts: 2,343

    Another opportunity to plug my video tutorials...(updated) on the entire process from certificates to uploading to AppStore. It has all the goodies in between as well like App ID's, provisioning profiles. I'm uploading tonight, a toot on ad hoc testing and leaderboards for high scores.

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