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Only Mac OS mountain lion can publish, not OS lion?

stahboystahboy Member, PRO Posts: 150

I am still working on my first game and discovered on the apple website that you need the os mountain lion in order to publish apps on the App Store. I know gamesalad allows OS lion, and I am using that on my macbook that doesn't support mountain lion. Is there anyway to publish my app?

Thank you,



  • AdnanHAdnanH Member Posts: 77

    I'm using os lion on my macbook and it let's me publish games.. If your talking about getting xcode or something your gonna have to find the older version which won't let you test on your own devices but it will let you send apps off to apple to be tested and published on the AppStore. Hope this helps:)

  • stahboystahboy Member, PRO Posts: 150

    Oh I see so the older versions of xcode work only on ios 6 and that's why it wouldn't work on my devices. I do like how I can still publish though.

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