Marketplace artwork and sound license?

Is there a common or required license for the artwork or audio in the marketplace?

For instance...

1) Can it be used commercially? If so, where is that stated. If someone uses it commercially and they don't have an EXPLICIT license, they CAN be sued for copyright infringement. And even if they don't use it commercially, they still need to have a license because fair use may or may not hold up in court without an explicit license.

2) Can it be used in one project or multiple? See above. Copyrighted work is not PURCHASED... it's LICENSED. In some instances, all rights come with the artwork - work for hire. In most instances, the copyright holder maintains some (or ALL) rights not EXPLICITLY stated.

Serious guys... I'm afraid to buy ANYTHING from the Marketplace. I bought 3 pieces of art from the marketplace... NOT a single thing came with a license.

That means... I can't use it. It's worthless. And anyone who DOES use it... you're a idiot. Trust me... one copyright law suit and you can end up bankrupt just hiring an attorney to defend yourself because unless you do, the person can have an default judgement against you for THOUSANDS... if not HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars.


  • ookami007ookami007 Member Posts: 581

    Still no answer, eh? I take that to mean basically, there is no license... which means no one has any right to actually USE anything from the marketplace...

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