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Hello all, what I'm planning on doing is drawing my artwork for my games and had a question about animations. Will i need to draw multiple images for each actor to show the motions needed for them to walk, run, or doing anything for that matter. Or is there a program that i can draw one single image and have the program create the motions needed to make my actor do anything and then break the animation into frames to upload into Gamesalad? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • QuinnZoneStudiosQuinnZoneStudios Member Posts: 452
    Hi there,
    When I find the magic animate button I'll let you know ;) Until then you'll have to do it the hard way I'm afraid. You'll want to try to get your start and end frames of each sequence matching up so the animations don't jump too much when you switch from one animation to the other.
    Just go to my profile and look for "Animation Test" and download to see how it was done.
    Joe from Firemaplegames helped me figure out the finer points.

    Hope that helps and good luck with it.
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