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Did OS X Mavericks mess up my provisioning?

Hey everyone,

I've published a few apps for Mac iOS and Mac OS X without any problems, but after upgrading to Mac OS X Mavericks I suddenly noticed that Apple would always reject my binary, and either say that it wasn't signed with an Apple certificate or that it was simply invalid. I've noticed other people have the same problem on the forums before, but I wasn't able to reproduce their solution. Basically, I'm not sure whether it's Gamesalad or Apple. I'm a bit worried about doing anything like revoking my certificates and getting new ones because it might be bad.

Some things I have done include:

-deleting everything in the keychain and then following the Gamesalad process again as much as I can.
-reloading from the .p12 file I saved when I first made the keychain system - but the keychain can't import the file for some reason related to 'memory'. I still have the individual original files fortunately, including my private key.
-deleting Xcode, reinstalling it and getting it to get the information from scratch from Apple's servers.
-deleting my provisioning distribution iOS profile and then making another one.

Nothing seems to work. Any ideas?


  • WillGreenWillGreen Member, PRO Posts: 9

    Problem solved! It turns out to be because I was using Chinese characters in the app title (英语口语小法宝 to be precise). Gamesalad Tech Support were very helpful in recognising and then solving the issue quickly. √

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