Happened to anyone else??- Answered

AdnanHAdnanH Member Posts: 77
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For some odd reason ive just released my latest app but i cannot find it on the app store? it says on my itunes connect account its "Ready for sale" its already been processed.. whats the deal here are apple slightly running slow or have they cocked it up? this happened to anyone else?


  • 3DMA3DMA Member, PRO Posts: 162

    it can take up to 24 hours until you can actually see it... Everything normal so far :wink:

  • AdnanHAdnanH Member Posts: 77

    oh right lol my other 2 apps went live right away thats why got abit worried;) thanks mate:)

  • 3DMA3DMA Member, PRO Posts: 162

    No Problem :smiley:
    Happend to all of us

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