Black Story! lateral thinking puzzle story. Can you guess the story by asking questions?

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Hi all,
My brother once did this game with me and it was very funny and hard so I decided to do the same on the forums. The game is called 'black stories'. Here is the explanation

First I am going to tell a little story. Someone died and you have to guess what happened by asking yes/no questions. Example: is the person a boy? Do you like ice creams? Etc.
Over time if a lot of questions have been answered you can try to tell the story. Its actually really simple. Just ask yes/no questions and if you know the story then tell me. (If your story is wrong I just say no!)
Lets just start and see how it goes. If you have questions how the game works then ask. If you know the story because of other reasons then the answered questions here then please dont say it.
Hope you have fun!! :)

The story:
""In the middle of a lawn lies a naked man. He is dead! He has a short straw in his left hand. There are no footprints around him.""
What happened?



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