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Hi guys,
I want to add gravity so that an actor is either accelerated or velocity changed up words for a timer of 1 second and after that, gravity takes the actor and it sort of sinks back down again.
I have tried another timer of after 1 second change velocity or accelerate back down again but that looks really choppy.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance,


  • woodywoodster1woodywoodster1 Member Posts: 13

    Also when the actor is touched i want it to split and the 2 split actors sort of float away and sink similarly

  • SocksSocks London, UK.Member Posts: 12,822

    Your post is a little confusing (to me at least), I don't understand some of it ("velocity changed up words for a timer . . . " is just an unconnected series of words, although admittedly I am hopeless at interpreting vague language ! :) ), but if I understand the general theme correctly you want something to move upward for 1 second before 'gravity' starts to act to pull it back down . . . ?

    If so:

    Change velocity to 90° (up) - at whatever speed you want.
    Timer - After 1 second
    -- Accelerate 270° (down) - at whatever speed you want.

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