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You should always be thinking UPDATE and build a NEW APPs!!!

WbokoWboko Tennessee, USAPosts: 621Member, PRO

I think this would be very helpful for a noobs floating around here...

You should always be thinking UPDATE and build a NEW APPs from the time you start to build!!!

And here is why I say this....

Updates are more like your “Reputation” as an indie developer and it also acts as a huge PR boost. We do not have any access to push notification right? Wrong, well sort of; every time you provide an update the customer that has your app will be alerted that they is something cool and new with your app and will be asked if they want to download the update. If the customer thinks your app was really cool (where your Reputation comes in) they will download the update and try and figure out what you did to make it where they want to play it again.

I think the key to adding an update is to provide it before they get bored with the current version. For my simple game of “Wboko Odyssey” I figured one to two months I really need to do an update. I just sent an update to Apple last night for review where I added a whole new UFO level.

Now, to build a new game, Yes, once you have an update out you should swing into gear and start that really cool next game so when the customer figures out how cool your apps are (Reputation again) they will want to get your new stuff too. The key here is as you build apps always keep in mind that you will be wanting to update, so use the note attribute, tables, and other things to help when you come back to this app to provide your update.

And always have fun and enjoy the build!

Good Luck!



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