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Impossible to do a CPI campaign

Hey guys,

Since we now are integrated with RevMob and Chartboost, is there a way to add a feature of the SDK for these respective companies to allow for CPI (Cost per Install) campaigns? I am trying to do a CPI campaign for the marketing of an upcoming app and am unable to do so because the company needs to track installs for CPI. I understand that there is no way to add an SDK but since I assume the SDK for RevMob is already integrated into the Gamesalad software, it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to allow for the ability to integrate this way as well.

Please let me know if there are any future options in the works. This is very important from a marketing standpoint.




  • HopscotchHopscotch Posts: 2,782Member, PRO

    @Supersonic9120‌, do you need to track the installs attributed to different affiliates? Then PM me, we can help.

    If not, then just correlate the installs reported by RevMob/Chartboost with your campaign cost.

  • mburdishmburdish Posts: 11Member

    I am interested in this as well? Any update?

  • csgibsoncsgibson Posts: 5Member, PRO

    I have been having problems placing ads in my android game that I made in GameSalad. I have tried Chartboost and Revmob several times and they cause the games to freeze-up.

    I decided to try Chartboost in my GameSalad game again. This time I just opted for interstitials. On my initial page I have a timer to advance to the next page. This is where I authorized the first ad. Before I had my games structured where you had to touch a button to advance and I had a start-up ad. The game always seemed to freeze up after the ad showed. Unfortunately the same thing is happening. The very first time the game is played it works fine, but shortly there afterwards, the game freezes up on startup. If I click the home button on my cell phone and retouch the game icon, the game opens up in the following page, and it works ok. I have another interstitial authorized at the end of the game, to play the game again when you touch start or comienza. After the ad shows the game freezes and I have to go thru the same procedure to advance to the next page ( hit home then retouch the game icon). But in this case when the game opens on the correct page after retouching the icon, the game is totally frozen, and the procedure of hitting Home and the icon again does not work. I then have to hit the back button to get out of the game.

    I spent a fair amount of money to upgrade to a product where I was supposed to be able to make games and monetize them. The GameSalad Pro is presented as an upgrade where there are other benefits such as publication and monetization. But I think everyone knows that that is not the case. You have to know that you have problems, the users know. Just read the forums. I would hope that you address and rectify my problem quickly. If I can't use the Game Salad Pro as it is advertised to the public, I will have to develop my games on another software program. It is to all of our benefit to have this work. I have developed 6 games so far and I plan on developing more. I will be placing advertising in all of my games. The idea is for all of us to make money on our efforts. I trust that you will handle this problem promptly.

    It is avery simple game. You can download it on Google Play at:

    Craig Gibson
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    cc: GameSalad, Chartboost

  • Dan_ChartboostDan_Chartboost Posts: 30Member, PRO

    Hey Craig,

    I just responded to your email as well as on another board. Feel free to respond to that.

    [email protected]

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