Creating .ipa after publishing

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Hi All,

Could someone please, please, please help me.
I am using GameSalad and Xcode beta 6 and am trying to upload my game build to TestFlight but am experiencing issues. I have obtained all my certificates from the Apple Developer site and have published my game using GameSalad receiving my .app file.
When I follow the video tutorials from GS by naming a folder 'Payload' zipping the contents and the folder and then changing the filename to .ipa it still doesn't work. When I try uploading this to the TestFlight site it loads to 100% and then says 'this is not a valid .ipa file'
The TestFlight site seems to have changed since the video tutorial was done and therefore I was wondering if the process has also changed to achieve a valid .ipa file.
Is there any chance GS could produce an updated video walking through all the steps from publishing your game in GS to uploading to TestFlight?? This would be very helpful.
Am I missing something?? Although I am new to GS I have spent considerable hours learning the platform and have grown to love the ease and simplicity of it.

Please help.


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