Partner with Voice Express(CELEBRITY VOICES Etc)

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Have you got any gamesalad projects that need something extra to get noticed in the App Store.

If you have a game or an idea that you think would work better with Voices in it then just email us, We could work on a one of fee or revenue share if you dont want to pay out anything.

Our Voices Are currently on ibeer and many others top Apps.

For example you have an army game - We could put Call of duty Style Voice with this app
Lord of the ring style app - Gandalf voice would be great.
Over 500 Celebrity Voices

Any Voice just ask. This gives your apps something unique and it stands out from the rest.

Any Ideas please Email :

We can send you samples of the voices to show you how good the are.

Look forward to working with some of you


p.s We are working with some of you already
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