How does collision take place on overlapping actors? Member Posts: 41
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I still have a problem about the animation overlapping, how do I make it look like hitting the target?
or should I make a limited-range animation for that attack animation?(it's a warrior attack an enemy)
There is no tutorial covering about on how to detect animation overlapping.
And how do I make a counter per monster killed inside the dungeons? >> this is for clearing dungeons to advance into the next stages.


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    You can only detect when one actor collides with or overlaps another actor. If you have an actor that is 50x50px the whole 50x50px size will be sensitive to collisions, not just the area that your knight graphic shows. If you want the sword to be able to detect collisions on its own, separate from your knight actor, you need to make it a separate actor and constrain it to the knight actor.

    For a monster kill counter, just make a game attribute, of integer type, and every time a monster is killed add one to it using a change behaviour. e.g.

    Where you put the change attribute behaviour will depend on how you are working out when a monster is killed.

  • thanks a lot!!

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