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Interactive Terrain Generation

SikkJewFroSikkJewFro Posts: 75Member

Ok, so most of you know Minecraft and even Terraria. Both games use terrain generation to randomly generate a landscape of unlimited size. Im looking at more of a terrraria styled game rather than Minecraft (2d land).
So, I'm aiming for my game to have various ores and caves and blocks, not an overwhelming amount, but a decent amount of different blocks. I need to know how I could go about making it so that, my game, each time it is loaded a new game, will generate a new landscape that is interactive. The only thing I've found on this is terrain generation that wasn't interactive, like, it was simply for visuals. I need it to generate my specific blocks AND allow the character to mine them and interact with the blocks and such. Obviously the blocks would have to generate so that I could make it where, if for example, tin is randomly generated, mining it will give a tin ore and such while mining a stone block would give cobblestone. See what I mean? Different attributes for each block while still randomly generating them. I was trying my best to look this up, it seems as tho you need an algorithm, and something to read it with (gamesalad I suppose). I just have no clue how I would make a code or customize one that would allow me to still have individual attributes for each generated block. Also, I dont know how id let gamesalad use the algorithm, I dont know what rule/attribute or button to even press for that matter that would do such a thing. If anyone can help, I know this is quite a load to explain and think about, but Id be very appreciative.


  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,832Member, PRO

    This would be a pretty significant undertaking. I think it's possible to do most or all of what you say, but it would take some impressively complicated logic and it would be massively more complicated than anyone could easily explain on the forums, and take far longer than anyone is likely to be willing to spend for free.

    Perhaps try to be a little less ambitious or to break your problem down into one smaller, more manageable chunk that people on the forums would be more likely to be willing to tackle.

    Spawning different blocks that can be interacted with in different ways would not be that tricky in itself. You'd just have a different prototype actor for each type of material and you'd randomly pick which one to spawn. The individual prototypes would be set up to handle the mining etc. depending on how you want your character to interact with the block.

    You're going to have more trouble spawning them in a way that feels like natural terrain, though.

  • SocksSocks London, UK.Posts: 12,822Member

    You are going to have to invest a fair bit of time learning the software if you want to embark on a project of this size, it's easy to draw up a list of things you want in a game and stick 'can someone tell me how to do all that' on the end, but as Armelline suggests producing a complex game might be weeks (perhaps months) of work, and no one is going to walk you through the entire process, from very basic stuff (like spawned actors having differing attributes) to generating an interactive random terrain.

    You need to throw yourself into a hundred test files and experiments, perhaps related to your game idea, to see what GameSalad is capable of (and what you are capable of) and to get a good grounding in GS, otherwise the only other thing I'd suggest is hiring someone to make this for you.

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