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Lord of The Rings Character Sprites.

So, first off the bat, I dont have a huge budget, and since this is a pretty small job I figured it should'nt be too big of an issue.
Anyways, Im making a Lord of The Rings game and I needed some character sprites, these would be 4 characters:

Dwarf (Doesnt have to look like Gimli from Lotr just as any of the others dont')

These sprites would need to have a center, forward look (Standing still position for when the character is not in motion) and then 3 different images for each direction (Running left, Running Right, and jumping) This is a fairly small job, only requiring 20-30 images in total. Now, about the resolution, I expected a Pokemon/megaman kind of resolution, very small and pixelated. This will make the animating job alot easier considering all you need is 3 images to animate a pixelated sprite.
id be very appreciative if someone has the free time to create these sprites for me, or maybe if you can find some around the internet Id be appreciative. (So far Ive found a decent dwarf looking sprite, as for the others I cant seem to find decent looking ones at all) Thanks for your time for reading!


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