Game Of The Month Tong Award goes to...

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Okay, i hope you're all appropriately dressed and your limos got you here in time. The first Game Of The Month Tong Award has been announced! .

Want to get your hands on this shiny shiny award? Head on over to the developers section on You'll find 'Vote for me' buttons for your website.

Other news... developers competition

I'm still searching the back of the sofa for some decent prize money, but i hope to announce a developers competition soon. You may enter as a single developer, but we're hoping that folks are going to collaborate on what will be a great project. Rules and details will be announced soon...

Another plea to join us on twitter :)

Promote your site is your site. So please add "Vote for me" graphics on your sites (in the developers section). Shout about it on twitter, facebook, etc etc

The blog
Let us know what's happening with your games, promotions, releases, pre-release info (with screen shots), features in the app store, etc etc I can't promise to post them all, but i'll give it a damned good try.

Keep them coming. It's your site, i'm doing all i can, but if you have ideas/concerns please don't be shy.

Thanks everyone!


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