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Add row doesn't work

MccccccMcccccc Posts: 26Member

I can't figure out why Add Row doesn't work. It's an action inside a rule of an unlocked actor.
Is there any problem in this set up?

I run Preview and after using it I go back to Tables editor to check whether my table has a row more, but it hasn't. It simply doesn't add rows!!! After the Add Row action I put a Save Table action to change it permanently, but nothing!!!
Can you help me?


  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,816Member, PRO

    Adding a row to the table only adds the row temporarily. It'll be there while you're playing your game, and if you save the table it'll be there when your game next launches, but it won't change the "prototype" table that you see in the table editor. If you want an extra row there you have to add it yourself using the buttons.

    Any actions performed on a table while your game is running are only applied to the table used in that specific instance of the game. NOT in your project file.

  • MccccccMcccccc Posts: 26Member

    Thanks @Armelline!

    Come on! This is incredible!!! So, how can I test my game???

  • JPGamesFactoryJPGamesFactory Posts: 174Member, PRO

    Make adhoc

  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,816Member, PRO

    @Mcccccc said:
    Thanks Armelline!

    Come on! This is incredible!!! So, how can I test my game???

    I'm not sure what you mean. If adding a row to a table in the game added a row in your project, you'd quickly lose control of the table. What aspect is it you're trying to test?

    If you want to know that the row you added has actually been added, just try putting some data in one of the cells on that row, and then try reading it back (in game).

  • MccccccMcccccc Posts: 26Member

    @JPGamesFactory I'm still in an early stage, not ready for adhoc (you mean after publishing it, right?).

    @Armelline why would I quickly lose control of the table? If I use saveTable the table is saved that way, so the next time I run the game it starts with the modified table; otherwise if I need the original table I don't save it (or I use a copy)! And in addition to this, in the editor it's easy to cancel, copy or restore things!
    I just would like to test the game in advanced state of use. With this I mean that my application has to receive, store and work on a lot of data so I simply can't insert all the data again every day I start my tests…

    Why don't allow me in the Preview to modify tables making them the actual memory storage?

    Now I have to spend a lot of time creating scenes and logic to read back and show me all the data...

  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,816Member, PRO
    edited August 2014

    If you do a "Save Table", your game should start next time with the modified table. What you seem to be asking though is for the game to be able to edit the table in the project file, so you can see the changes when you're editing the project.

    Imagine if your game adds a row to the table, and every time you preview your game in the viewer it adds a row to the table in your project file. After previewing your game 100 times, your table would have 100 extra rows!

    Being able to view and edit tables while a game is being previewed would be a great addition to GameSalad, but it's not a feature yet.

  • The_Gamesalad_GuruThe_Gamesalad_Guru Posts: 9,914Member

    Yes any modifications like that only can be tested via adhoc. Use a display text or the debug behavior to see if the data was added. Simply address the not yet created row using one of the two ways above.

  • MccccccMcccccc Posts: 26Member

    Yes, I was asking for the project file, during Preview sessions.

    Well, in fact it must add rows just as a consequence of particular events, I don't think there's a risk to lose control. Instead this would probably find not-well-controlled-processes sooner (before adhoc)!

    I hope in the future they're adding it! Is there a particular forum where to suggest ideas? Or specific members/administrators whom to address them?

  • ArmellineArmelline Posts: 4,816Member, PRO

    I think we're still talking cross purposes, but I see now what you mean. You just mean viewing of table contents while the game is playing, not making permanent changes to the projects tables, like it seemed at first.

  • MccccccMcccccc Posts: 26Member

    Both! 1)Viewing while playing and 2) making permanent changes if I desire it.

    This way my game would evolve while being created! I could test it with all the needed data (or at least the minimum amount of data required to test all the features I'm adding day by day)! This is important especially if my game heavily consist of collecting data from my keyboard input and elaborating them, that is modifying tables.

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