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Here is a list of links to useful sites I've encountered while working with GameSalad. With the exception of the GameSalad Apps section, everything here is free - be it public domain or attribution licensed. I've included paid apps in the apps section as there aren't that many GS apps and it seemed silly to miss them off this list.

At the end of each item is a brief summary of the restrictions placed on it. Please do take the time to check yourself what the restrictions are on an item before using it - but anything more than attribution and I've left it off the list, as a rule.

Don't read anything into any ordering, it's pretty much at random. Please let me know ASAP if you have a link to a helpful thread or site you want added to the list! I've not intentionally left anyone off. I'll keep adding things until I lose the ability to edit the post. I particularly want to get a comprehensive section for video tutorials put together.


Super Pixel Time - Turn any image into pixel art [No restrictions]

Lost & Taken - Free textures [Optional Donation]

Subtle Patterns - Subtle patterns and textures [Attribution]

Adobe Kuler Colour wheel, good for finding complimentary colours [No restrictions]

Kevin MacLeod Music Free music of various genres [Attribution]

Open Game Art - Wide selection of different types of game art [See individual files]

noupe 80 Photoshop Brushes - A selection of varied Photoshop brushes [See individual brushes]

Outsourcing Advice - Advice regarding outsourcing artwork [Free]

30 Pixel Art Tutorials - Pixel art tutorials [Free]

ColourCombos - Color combinations and color schemes [Free]

Free Stock Textures - Free textures and patterns [No restrictions]

Open Clipart - Completely free clipart and images [No restrictions]

Testico - Compare your icon to other icons! [Free]


Sound Image - Free music and soundscapes [Attribution]

FreeSound - Sounds and sound FXs [Creative Commons - many restriction free]

Musopen - Public domain classical music [No restrictions]

Incompetech - Royalty-free music [Attribution]

DeepBlueApps Free Music Pack - A selection of free tracks [No restrictions]

Open Game Art - Mainly art, but also includes music and Sound FX [See individual files]

Bfxr - Create custom 8-bit sound FX [No restrictions]

as3sfxr - Create custom 8-bit sound FX [No restrictions]


DaFont - Wide selection of free fonts [See individual font]

Font Squirrel - Selection of quality fonts free for commercial use [No restrictions]

40 Free Fonts for Minimal Web Design - Clean, subtle fonts [See individual font]

Noteworthy threads

Spare Code Thread - Snippets and demos from many members of the community [See individual posts]

Armelline’s Free Stuff For Everyone - Free demos, templates and experiments [No restrictions (some on art used)]

Community Tutorials by Braydon_SFX - Free templates and tutorials, including video tutorials [No restrictions (may be some on art used)]

Sending and Receiving Data Using Your Own SQL Server - Set up your own server to leverage GameSalad's network behaviours [Free]

A lot of FREE templates by GSInvention - A selection of free templates [No restrictions (may be some on art used)]

Stormy’s GS TAble-izer - Preview your tables while testing your games [Free]

FREE Games, Templates, Tools from DBA - Free templates and tools [No restrictions (may be some on art used)]


prMac - Distribute press releases [Free and paid tiers]

The Holy Grail List of App Review Sites - List of review sites to promote your game to [May vary per site]

11 Places To Publicize Your iPhone App - A list of iPhone sites to publicise your game to (getting out of date) [May vary per site]

GameSalad apps

GameSalad Custom Scene Editor - Precision tools for laying out your scenes](OS X) [$50]

SaveSalad - Auto-saver for GameSalad](OS X)

GS Project Merger - Merge multiple projects together (OS X) [£10]

GS PC to Mac - Convert PC GS files to Mac GS files (OS X) [Free]

GS Pre-Loader - Set pre-loading of art to on/off, project-wide (OS X) [Free]

GS Project Optimiser - Optimise your project with a selection of tools (OS X) [£10]

GS Project Attributes - Easily alter and adjust game attributes (OS X) [£6]

GS Scene Merger - Quickly merge multiple scenes together (OS X) [£10]

GS Quick Resizer - Resize your project to any target device (OS X) [Free]

GS Breakout Builder - Easily generate complex breakout style scene layouts (OS X) [Free]

GS Picture Wave - Create a wave effect from your chosen picture (OS X) [£3]

GameSalad Related

AppFormative - Analytics for your GameSalad game [Free]

Windows 8 Publishing Guide - Testing and publishing your GameSalad games/apps to Windows 8 [Free]

GameSalad Templates

DeepBlueApps - Free and paid templates [See individual templates]

GS Helper - Free and paid templates [See individual templates]

GS Invention - Free and paid templates [See individual templates]

Stormy Studio - Free and paid templates [See individual templates]

Mantu Apps - A few free templates [See individual templates]

Mostly Creative - Free templates and educational resources [See individual items]


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