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I would like to announce my newly released game Hurricube. The game is based on your ability to keep up with the center cube that throws tiles out from its center and destroy them. I added some in game features and bonuses to keep the game play interesting as you make progress. Now that I have gotten this far I have many questions in taking even further for in app purchases and android development. This is in no way finished game but its very playable and fast paced. I look forward to everyones feedback!


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    I liked this, the graphics are letting it down at this stage. I say get rid of the 60's backgrounds, they add nothing. Perhaps change it to bubbles coming from a canon in the centre of the screen? With improved graphics and some nice spot effects this could be a winner!

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    Once I had set up my game on my phone and I began the testing process and I found the color pallet to be weak and needing more character overall. I have already begun the process of creating more in depth graphics along with the game mechanics. I hesitated during game production as I was not sure how the creator would react on my final output. On that note.. GameSalad creator turned out to be a very powerful engine. I don't want that to sound negative, I'm just very surprised.

    Anyway, thank you for your input. I'm working to make this game a winner.

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