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Addicting NEW Game - Blockies - FREE! iOS app

**Blockies Mini Adventure **

Help Milo avoid getting touched by his enemies, collect all the stars and watch as the fun begins to multiply with each level that you pass. How hard can it be? Sounds easy enough, right? Why don't you give it a try. You've got nothing to lose.

Simply hold your finger down anywhere on the screen and begin to drag Milo. Make sure to think before you act, or watch as you die over and over again. Hopefully you won't get too frustrated if you don't pass it on your first try. I'm sure you'll be addicted in no time.

Good luck.You're going to need it!

-30 amazing fun packed levels. - simple controls - Easy ( so you'll think) -addicting for sure - good for all ages. - even grandma can play. - Challenging and exciting. - What else could you ask for in a game?


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