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Any good working computers that last that would be great for working with gamesalad? I am looking for a new one, macs are a little to expensive at the moment but my plan is to use a laptop and make 10 apps publish them for android then use iad to earn a little more money to get a mac. Any suggestions would help. Thanks!


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    My brothrr got an hp pavillion sleekbook i5 wirh 6gb of ram with intel hd graphics 4000(graphic card) cost: 500€ you can also take a look to the toshiba are good computer

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    mac minis are reasonable. If you already have a monitor, keyboard and mouse, you'll save even more.

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    Mac Mini all the way.

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    I agree with others that you should get a Mac even if they are a little more expensive, but it concerns me that you plan to use iAd to make money on Android. I assume you mean just ads in general, as iAd is iPhone only.

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    Armeline I mean ads in general sorry for that mistake. Thanks for the comments I will keep saving so I will be able to get a Mac. What type of Mac though a Mac mini? Which will be least expensive? Mac air, MacBook Pro, or Mac mini?

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    I would highly recommend buying a Mac computer. I started using GameSalad a few years ago and was in that situation were I just couldn't afford to buy a Mac brand new. There were bills and expenses pilling up. Macs are needed, full stop. I ended up buying a second hand used, scratched iMac (this is back in 2010-11). It wasn't pretty but GameSalad ran and that's all I needed. After two years of using it, I finally finished my first game - And sold the rights to another developer.

    This is all part time. I then needed a more portable computer and once again, with the little money I had left after purchasing different software, I bought a (2009) Macbook. It a second hand Macbook from Ebay. Not a PRO or an AIR. A simple MacBook. I still have it to this very day as a reminder as to how far I had come.

    Cause now I have brand new -iMac - Macbook PRO - MacBook Air - iPad Air - iPad 4 - iPad Mini - iPad Mini 2 - iPhone 4 - iPhone 5s - iPod Touch 4th gen and iPod touch 5th Gen. (Don't get me started on my android devices :P )

    It took some hard work - and granted I did make my share of other means than the App Store as I have yet to release a game but it was using GameSalad. But I started off from a piece of garbage computer but that didn't stop me. Buy a Mac - even if its second hand old one. If it runs GameSalad and cans till be upgraded to the latest OS then you got yourself a bargain.

    Its what you do with that computer that counts :)

    All the best,

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