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My First Game: Two Qubes - Minimal endless runner of two halves

rcheethamrcheetham UKPosts: 14Member
edited August 2014 in Announce Your Game!

Hi All

This is my first post, and also first game!

Two Qubes is a minimal endless runner with a slight twist. Instead on controlling a single runner, you have to control two runners simultaneously/independently on each half of the screen.

I have developed two versions of the game, a paid for version without adds and 9 different game modes, and a free version with 3 game modes and adverts.

Currently the free version is not available due to advert issues (I believe this is a bug that may have been fixed in a recent GS update), but will be available ASAP.

In the mean time the premium version is on the App store (iOS only), if you would like a version PM me and I will provide a promo code (I have 30 available).

9 Modes are as follows:

  • Normal
  • Switched Controls
  • Double Speed
  • Opposite Directions
  • Fade Away
  • Two Speeds
  • Portal Mode
  • Lives Mode
  • Insane Mode (highest score so far is 380 if anyone fancies beating this!)

Seeing as this is my first game I would really appreciate any feedback, suggestions, improvements or advice.




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