GoodBye Gaming World

With about two weeks left on my GS Pro I wanted to say my goodbyes now, I decided some time ago that I was leaving the game making business once my Pro was up. I have been using GS for about four years now and worked with a lot of really great people. I am fortunate in that making games has always been a hobby for me, my family would have starved years ago if we relied on my income from making games/templates.

I have two games approved by Apple that are still coming out, Bungo and The Fuddies and have about nine months left on my Apple Dev license, so I will be leaving some games in the App Store until that expires.

My Games-

If I have something in my portfolio that would fit in with the type of games you do, feel free to get a hold of me.

One of the hardest parts about making the decision to give up on this dream (Hobby) was all of the unfinished pieces I have sitting around, wondering if there was a great game in there somewhere. Like most everyone, I am sitting on unfinished templates, art and music but the one thing I don't have anymore, is the passion.

Over the years I worked with a number of people, my favorites were, @mELTINGsKYsTUDIOS (Who still makes amazing games using a different tool) and Alex @GuaveMedia. Alex has been involved with pretty much everything I have ever done. As for initially learning how to use GS, @DeepBlueApps made this possible for me by putting out user friendly, quality templates. I have said this before, for the first couple years I was with GS, I thought DBA was part of GS (Ownership) that is how instrumental and visible they were.

I didn't get into this business to make a quick buck, I got into it to make a game that I would want to play and hoped that someone else would want to play it also. I never had a goal of what I needed to achieve to feel successful, I just did it because I had a passion for it but alas, the passion is gone. I still tinker with making physical dice, card and board games and will probably continue to do that.

If you never met me....

You can tell by my outdated website that the passion fizzled out a while back.

If you would like to contact me about anything...

I wish continued good luck to those of you that make games because you love to.


For those of you that read this far, here are some codes to my upcoming game Bungo-(I have more if needed)



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