Looking for artist!

Hey folks, working on a new game, and I'm quite happy with the mechanics of it so far. It is a real time strategy game-you collect resources, build structures and an army-defeat the enemy. Think Age of Empires lite.

I think it's going to be quite a good game, enemy AI etc is going well (so far-lots more to do). But the idea of also doing the art on my own is overwhelming.

Check the vid for the style of gameplay. Everything in there graphically is basically placeholders, but you'll get the idea. Still toying with different AI strategies so the vid shows that. There's a lot to do, but I feel the hardest part is done and the rest is doable.

The character sprites I have I could live with, but open to ideas. Doesn't really have to be medieval bows and swords, could be something totally different and radical (crazy rodents, insects, cartoony, ??) Player will control each unit individually and there will be epic battles with lots of different units clashing at once. So, I think animations have to be fairly simple and units pretty small. GS seems to be handling the scenarios I've created so far though.

But, I'd like this one to look great. So definitely need splash screens UI etc, maybe a whole theme.

I don't expect free, give me a ballpark for different levels of involvement and we can go from there. My plan at this point is to make this a completely free game (but that's not your problem!). But if we can make it look awesome might do a free and paid version. I personally cant stand the IAP craze, so won't be going down that road.



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