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Radi1234Radi1234 Posts: 49Member, PRO

I went throughout the whole process of adding chart boost ads to my game. I've checked enable ads in all my scenes and filled out char boost info as per the cookbook tutorials. But I have not found no one asking me to check the location of the placement of the ads in my game. Do we not have an option to select the placement of the ads? Like will they be visible at the bottom or top or will the ad be a pop up one? If it's a pop up ad then I'm screwed 'cause my game cannot afford to be stopped in between for pop ups!


  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,301Member

    Chartboost are start-up and interstitial ads only, no banners.

  • LovejoyLovejoy Posts: 2,078Member

    Chartboost can only do start up ads and interstitial ads which will appear when scene resets and you have enable ads checked. You can select which one during the gamesalad publishing process. If you want banner ads then Apple iAds is your only option. iAds behavior can be found under the pro tab, then chose either top or bottom.

    Fortuna Infortuna Forti Una

  • Radi1234Radi1234 Posts: 49Member, PRO

    @raycur09‌ Thanks a lot! That cleared everything up :) So if I have ads enabled in the game over scene, then will the ad pop up before the game over scene shows up or after the game over scene shows up?

  • LovejoyLovejoy Posts: 2,078Member

    It should show up as it switches scenes. Pretty much whenever the behavior is activated.

    Fortuna Infortuna Forti Una

  • Radi1234Radi1234 Posts: 49Member, PRO

    Thank you :)

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