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How to add gravity to a game WITHOUT bounce

Mat7772Mat7772 Posts: 7Member

Hi, I am playing around with the creator and I've pretty much nailed the basics except this one. How do I make gravity in a game, but without having the main player bounce on every single platform? Thank you if you answer.


  • Andrea_ComisiAndrea_Comisi ItalyPosts: 328Member

    in the pysics section inside the actor there's an attributre called bounciness change it to 0

  • Mat7772Mat7772 Posts: 7Member
    edited September 2014

    Thank you. Now that has been solved I have another question.

    How do I make the player just slide? If it hits the edge of the platform it will turn a bit, so when I push the right arrow key it may go up instead. How can I make it so the player just stays level and not tilt, but only slide? (sorry if this does not make many sense)
    EDIT: If I also hold the left/right arrow key when the player is in the air, it won't go down and obey gravity, but rather keep sliding along. How can I fix this?

  • allc1865allc1865 Posts: 777Member, PRO

    Can you post your file so we know exactly what you're talking about?

    If you don't know how, you can share it through a file sharing service like DropBox

  • Mat7772Mat7772 Posts: 7Member

    don't worry I figured it out.

  • Andrea_ComisiAndrea_Comisi ItalyPosts: 328Member

    for moving you have to use the change attribute to have a more realistic effect and acellerate behaviors for the gravity sorry for the english. ssee the danger droids videos of @jamie_c to learn the platformer rules
    and see the logic series of @the_gamesalad_guru to learn the logic

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