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I recently released game I-slingshot. I've been kinda stressing about the artwork of the game. I personally think the game is pretty fun. But im afraid the art and screenshots and art of the game aren't that appealing and may steer people away from game. But I haven't received any positive or negative feedback for art so I duno. I think the art could be better myself, but my wife did the art for it. Niether of us are artists. Anyway, please let me know if you think if the art is good as is, or if improving certain things would help.


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    I'd suggest losing the digitised photos. Never been a fan of actual photos in games, there are way too many iPhone apps that take this approach and it just (IMHO) makes it look cheap. Although I must admit I did like the use of digitised graphics in Mortal Kombat and Pit-Fighter... but that was the 90s and the wow factor isn't there any more!

    As for the rest, I like the style. It's quite reminiscent of Jeff Minter's stuff - great colours and a unique look.

    I believe that with art, it doesn't have to be particularly well drawn, it just needs to have a unique style, which yours has. Get rid of the photo apples and throw in some that match the rest of the game and you'll be set.

    Overall, I like the look of your app :)
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    haha ok thanks. Well, now I got to hear I told you so from my wife cause those apples were my idea. She wanted to leave them as cartoons. Reason I went with those cause we could not draw an apple for the life of us. The red apples looked like cherries and the yellow looked like lemons lol.
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    Try here;

    Bunch of Apple pictures you could use as is or edit. All free to use.

    As to the game, I agree with Polygame.

    It's a good concept; I like it :)
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    Oh nice! Thanks dude.
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    Moral of the story - ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE WIFE!!!! Oh... wait... now I wish I hadn't said that.... (listens) YES DEAR, COMING DEAR! *lowers head and wanders off to be berated*
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