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So im not sure if this happens to everyone or if im a giant noob and there is a solution but whenever i set one sound effect to say 0.1 and another to 1 they will both change continuously

so the 0.1 sound will go to 1 and the 1 will go to 0.1 every time the sound effect happens this also interferes with my music as if my sound effects are set any lower then one the music will automatically switch to 0.1 i could keep all sounds to 1 and it will work perfectly but some sound effects are just louder then others is there a way i can fix this? or should i just use a sound editing program?


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    Hi @pitman10 Welcome to the Forums and GSC.

    If you are using Play Sound behaviours, all with Volume settings as individual numbers (between 0 and 1) - and then you use a Change Attribute behaviour to change the sound volume (using the default attribute game.Audio.Sound Volume) this will directly affect all sounds you are using, as its the "master" volume.

    If you make an attribute for use with Volume in a Play Sound behaviour, it must be a real one (if you use an integer, you'll only get 0 or 1 for volume).

    Make sure that your sounds you want for sounds have been brought in as Sound, and your music as Music... if this has been done, that can't affect each other's volumes (i.e adjusting sound volumes has no bearing on music volume and vice versa - if it appears to, then perhaps your Music is being used in a Play Sound behaviour, not a Play Music behaviour).

    If you use a real attribute in a Play Sound behaviour (put in the Volume field correctly using the Expression editor) and change the attribute with a Change Attribute behaviour, make sure the number is between 0 and 1, i.e 0.2, or 0.45, for example.

    And with reference to the above, if you've used the same attribute to change a Play Sound volume with an attribute in more than one Play Sound Behaviours (i.e different sounds), all of them will be affected equally.

    To avoid that, a separate attribute needs to be made for each different sound you want to play.

    A neat suggestion for fading in or out a sound (or music too) is to use an attribute that changes over time using an Interpolate behaviour. Example:

    Interpolate yourVolatt to 0 --- from 1
    Duration 2 seconds

    then in your Play Sound behaviour when you have

    Play Sound YourSoundA
    Volume yourVolatt

    The volume will fade in. This "trick" can be used for pitch as well.

    Mentioning a sound editor program, it's always good practice to use this before bringing in any sounds/music into GSC, to ensure you have the optimum quality it can be.

    So make sure there's no silence on lead ins or outs; consistent volume; happy with volumes (though these can be individually balanced with other sounds in GSC just by hanging the volume sliders, as you know), etc.

    Garageband is good for light editing, there's Audacity still free, I think) and Amadeus Pro to name a few.

    As usual, I've probably given too much info, but hope it helps.

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