At&t eliminates unlimited data plans, I call BS!

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Read this if interested

Basically you now have a choice:

$15 a month for 200mb

$25 a month for 2gb

I constantly keep reeding how everyone says this is not a big deal, most people dont even reach 1gb. So I checked my history, for the past 3 monthes for my fiancee and I combined.

May - 7GB Total
April - 9GB Total
March - 8GB total

We are constantly on the go, and between emails, web browsing, streaming music and podcasts and downloading apps, we use A LOT of data. My finacee runs her own business on the go.

This is a problem for everyone in my opinion. Some example's would be multi-player gaming over 3G, Using cloud services such as streaming radio, podcasts, music, ect. (including mobile me) and even general App downloads. Thats 20 applications if they are at 10mb a piece when you have the 200mb plan.

I think this structure is a GREAT idea to help save for customers who do not use much data at all, but they should still offer the unlimited for customers like my fiancee and I who apparently need it. Maybe im just whining but its a BS move!

Thoughts anyone?


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    Yeah. Overall it seems ok but some folks are kind of left high and dry.

    I haven't read too much but I was unclear what the options are beyond those two.
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    @iPhoneDevForMe - Unless something has changed with their announcement in the past few hours, you are not being forced to change.

    They have said that anyone currently with the "unlimited" (quotes as it's really a 5GB soft limit - no written overage charges) can stay on that plan if they choose. It's being referred to as "Grandfathering In". However, you can not get tethering for that plans, you must downgrade to the 2GB plan and pay extra for tethering.

    Do note however: If you change your plan OFF unlimited, you can NOT go back. So if you use more than 2GB, just do nothing. Your "unlimited" plan will stay the same.

    @JamesZeppelin - There are no other options. You either stay on your "unlimited" plan (if you already have it as it will not be offered after the new iPhone), or your pick one of the 2 "limited" data plans.

    It's really just a lame attempt from ATT to try to curb high data usage. Rather than try to band-aid the problem they need to move their butts and get the network faster, this is ridiculous.
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    You are correct, I will continue to have my unlimited plan, but unfortunately a new iPhone will be coming out in about a month or two.

    In order to get the new iPhone at an affordable price, a new contract means no unlimited, unless I want to stick with my iPhone 3G, or pay the unsibsidized price for the new iPhones (around $600 each? Maybe more.).

    As we all know, the iPhone 3G just doesnt handle GS well enough. Im ready for a new and much faster device to handle the strain of our games!

    As for tethering, I feel like a 2GB data cap will hinder the service unusable after a very short period of time.

    Also, if the leaked prototype of the next iPhone is real, consider video chat over 3G a flat out joke.

    In the end, we can manage. I'm assuming this will be 2GB a piece (we each have our data plan for each phone), so we can manage it and make use of wifi hotspts considering they are everywhere haha! But that is the problem, I wouldnt have to watch my usuage if it were not allowed already for 3 years straight and allow us users to become accustomed to it. Implement a better network, not a data cap!

    I think At&t caught site of that front facing camera and took a sh$% haha!

    I'm curious how Apple feels about this...
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    @iPhoneDevForMe - Unless I'm misunderstanding you somehow, AT&T has already announced that when upgrading to a new phone (iPhone included) that you can retain your current Data plan (the Unlimited).

    It's only a problem if you intentionally change your data plan as you can not return to the Unlimited.
  • iPhoneDevForMeiPhoneDevForMe Member Posts: 362

    My friend, I have not been completely informed!! Now I feel like a jackass! Thanks for pointing this out to me! Haha, sorry about that!

    I can do without tethering, especially considering a 2GB cap is a joke in my personal opinion! I wonder if they will do the same for "Video Chat"?

    Thanks for all the info!

  • JamesZeppelinJamesZeppelin Member Posts: 1,927
    Now I get it. 4.0 supports tethering.
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