Desperate Need of Help.... Anyone please!

I have a in game store where you can buy weapons for your character using in game money collected by getting coins. The store is located in the main menu screen. The problem is that i want it to be so that when you buy the sword you can't keep buying it. i want the button to turn from "BUY" to "BOUGHT". And then after when you close the game and reopen it and go to the store again. It still says "BOUGHT". Ive been going crazy trying to solve this...

Also if anyone knows this how do I make so when they buy the gun. It actually goes to there inventory and can be used during gameplay. THANKS!

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  • MalkovichMalkovich Member, PRO Posts: 116

    Try this:
    1. Make an attribute (boolean) call it "Buysword01" for example.
    2. in your BUY button make a rule When touch is pressed....---> Change attribute Buysword01 to TRUE. In the same rule put a SAVE attribute for Buysword01, select a name you want.
    3. In your main menu, Make a rule on your START button, "When touch is pressed...--> LOAD attribute Buysword01

    I think that solve the problem.

    sorry for my english


  • BurkiousBurkious Member Posts: 29

    Malkovich, I did exactly what you said and still the same problem. You can still continue buying the sword over and over again after you purchased it... Gamesalad Guru thanks for the reply. I will check it out now

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