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Sound not working correctly when published! TWICE!

Hi when I published a game to the GameSalad Arcade it worked fine apart from the sound. I had my sound effects working but the music wasn't working. I tried deleting the game and published it again, but annoyingly this time the music is working but the sound effects are not!
This is just annoying and I want to upgrade my membership with you as I'm working on multiple games and want them published on other platforms. But I am not paying to upgrade until I'm confident this issue can be resolved. I've already submitted a ticket regarding this matter.
Does anyone know if it's me doing something wrong or is it the GameSalad website playing up?


  • yattamoveyattamove Posts: 236Member

    It's your browser. Try other internet browsers. Some browsers don't fully support html5, specifically some sound file types.

  • FrantoFranto Posts: 779Member
    edited September 2014

    @Pineal gaming I think this the wrong section for that. 0_ O

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