Hello to the GS community !

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I'm Vyr and i'm really excited to be part of the GS community !
I was going all around the forums looking for some tutorials and other free templates and such and I finally decided to jump in !

I just wanted to say, from all I saw on the forums that it looks like a community full of dedicated and talented people, thanks for that ! It's a real pleasure to be part of it now !

About me, I'm a chill french dude, 24 years old working in graphics design. I always wanted to "make games" since I was a child, like many others here from what I saw and that's great to see so much passion !
I don't know how to code or do some programming, just the basics of HTML/CSS for some web design for my job but that's it :sweat_smile: so GS is perfect for me !
The UI is easy to get used to but I got lost on the game-making point themselves with it.

So, i'm also here to ask for some help... I just downloaded GS (Basic 0.10.5) and I have this project that I thought and wrote down, but I have some trouble getting the basics of the software, I'm currently going through the Cookbook section, is that a good start ?

Can you lead me to some great tuts or templates I should try out ?

Thanks ! :smiley:


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